Wedding Reception Venue Types In Byron Bay

The wedding reception is a second part of the wedding, that consists of activities and games with the guests. It is not like your typical wedding and focuses mainly on close people to join the newlywed couple in a series of games and events. Due to its uniqueness, the chosen wedding reception venue in Byron Bay is often different from usual ones. Although a few things are similar, there are some things to note down about all types of reception venues which will fulfil your wish according to your taste.

The barn wedding venue is not a popular choice with many couples, but if you want a simple wedding reception with outdoor games and fun with nature, this option can be your best option. A barn wedding can give you a bigger space as compared to other venues along with setting up gaming spaces. Space can be quite beneficial, but the ample travelling space and lack of accommodation sometimes push this aside. However, if you are not worried about these factors, you can go for this style. Another outdoor reception site can be a sporting field. The sporting field is a great place for outdoor games and the energetic environment offered by nature but has the same problems as barn venue. The country house wedding venue is a more comfortable option for the reception, but it can be quite expensive. It also provides a simple accommodation service.

Unfortunately, country houses are not large enough to hold hundreds of people, so you will only be able to invite a few close family and friends. A hotel wedding reception of full-package service offering that includes catering services, entertainment, hall, and other activities under the same roof along with sufficient space for all the guests. The downside is that there can be other people staying in the hotel too who can disturb your privacy or in some cases, another wedding also, taking away your privacy. Marquee venues are the best options for a venue if you want a fairytale wedding. They are very spacious, as it is set outsides and they rely on blast heaters that are sometimes not much helpful. If you want a different type of wedding reception venue in Byron Bay, go for an alternative reception venue that can be a reflection of your unique taste. It can be entirely different, and a new theme but not many people enjoy that so it is often eliminated from the choices.

Make sure to shop around on all types of venues and then decide which one out of all wedding reception venues in Byron Bay will be suitable for you so that you won’t regret your decision later.

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