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YDP 213 Yamaha Digital Piano Review: Is it worth to invest in?

Let’s examine the YDP 213 Yamaha digital piano in more detail. This entry-level home digital piano is both a terrific buy and a decent bargain. Speaking of good value for the money, this digital piano can be found for around $900, so it is not overly expensive.

The gorgeous walnut cabinet finish on this 88-key digital piano complements any interior design. You’ll especially value the fact that it includes a stand with three built-in pedals.

In their many models, they employ various keyboard actions. They employ the Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) digital piano action for the Yamaha YDP213. By making upon the lower notes a touch heavier in comparison to the higher notes, this kind of keyboard action simulates the sensation of an acoustic grand piano.

About Yamaha Digital GHS Keyboard Action

It’s difficult to describe how a digital piano’s keyboard motion feels. The Yamaha GHS keyboard action, however, is a little too much light in the eyes of some players.

Yamaha digital piano

On more premium versions, Yamaha also employs the Graded Hammer Advanced Effect, which provides a stiffer-feeling piano action that more accurately mimics the feel of an acoustic piano.

One reason the YDP213 Yamaha electric piano is ideal for amateur and beginning piano players rather than professionals is because of this. Again, though, this is a subjective matter, so you should test out any keyboard before drawing any conclusions.

Involving advanced wave memory tone technology

Advanced Wave Memory tone generating technology is used by the YDP213. Additionally, stereo sound sampling adds realism to the sound. That is what makes a major player in the digital piano industry like Yamaha so great. On their digital pianos, they offer excellent sound quality.

YDP213 offer three pedals

The YDP213 features three pedals integrated into its stand, as was already noted. Similar to an acoustic piano, it has the soft, sostenuto, and sustains pedals.

The lack of half-pedaling functionality with the pedals is one disadvantage. A beginner or casual pianist might not care about this, though.

What more can this digital piano offer you?

The YDP 213 has a metronome, two 6-watt amplifiers driving two 4-3/4″ speakers, 64-note polyphony, 6 distinct tones, reverb, chorus, MIDI in/out, and other functions.

A crucial feature of the YDP213 is its sliding key cover, which guards against spills and dust.


The YDP213 Yamaha digital piano is an excellent entry-level digital piano for a beginner or a non-professional pianist, in conclusion. This YDP213 is unquestionably a high-end digital piano at a very reasonable cost. To learn more about this topic visit our website.

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