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Major Mistakes To Avoid As A Wedding Singer

A wedding singer, otherwise called a vocalist ;

  • Is simply Someone who sings at a wedding event.
  • Can either perform alongside a music band or according to high quality tracks from a gold coast DJ.
  • Can expertly create a beautiful symphony that can suit tempo party vibes.

These are things you should pay attention to as a wedding singer.

wedding singer

Before the occasion:

  • Avoid dairy products: Dairy products can trigger reflux and extra mucus which interfere with singing. Examples of dairy products to avoid; milk, cheese , yogurt.
  • Avoid caffeine : caffeine is a diuretic which means it can cause more urine production that usual. Also, caffeine causes dehydration which can cause your throat to be dry while singing.
  • Avoid chocolate: Though chocolates can be quite tempting to munch, as a wedding singer you don’t need to eat chocolate before singing. Chocolate causes sticky saliva which is not so nice if you want to sing pretty well.
  • Practice softly: Screaming doesn’t equate to singing. Never go too hard on  your voice, it could go sore, hoarse or cause injury to your vocal cords.
  • Always warm up before going up stage: Engaging in warm up exercises such as gentle breathing before complex ones are very helpful.
  • Breathe rightly: This will help you get more power out of your voice and prevent strains to your voice. Try to breathe deeply and direct air to your lower lungs and belly. When you breathe from your chest you tend to have less stamina.
  • Sing at a comfortable tempo: First, you need to understand your vocal range and the natural qualities of your voice. Appreciate your voice and embrace songs that will Sit well with you.
  • Pick songs that appeal to all: Truth is your audience will vary with people of different taste , age, and genres of music . Though you won’t be able to please everyone, ensure that the majority of your audience have a good time.
  • Layout of the venue: Ensure the layout of the venue is well spaced and at a vintage position as well. If the layout is not proper, echoes could interfere with your singing.

How to keep a healthy voice as a wedding singer.

As a good wedding singer, your voice shouldn’t be hoarse, deeper or even cocky. This is what you should do:

  1. Drink plenty of water
  2. Do not eat too hot or cold foods or drinks.

With consistency and practice you can become a better wedding singer. To learn more about this topic visit our website.

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