Tips on Wedding DJ Service & Wedding DJ Cost:

The moment has finally arrived where the guy has bent down on one knee and asked for the girls hand in marriage. She bubbles with excitement, tears flood her eyes and she bursts out saying “Yes!” But then in the moments following something very real crashes into her mind, she’s got a wedding to plan! Hiring wedding planners in Brisbane can be an interesting task as it pays off well.

From the location to the wedding caterer to the wedding photographer to the cake to the dress (can’t forget about the dress!) it can seem so overwhelming. And none of that includes the wedding DJ. After all, one of the most important aspects of a wedding is that the guests hit that dance floor and dance. Here are some tips on wedding DJ prices so that the wedding DJ services come off without a hitch.

Select the Wedding Location First

Many people immediately start trying to lock down all facets of their wedding at once. However, the wedding DJ service is heavily dependent where the wedding will be held. Is it a church wedding, or a location wedding such as a park where the DJ will be needed to provide music to the ceremony. Knowing the answers to these questions will allow the couple to know exactly how much wedding DJ service they need.

Keep Wedding DJ Prices Down by Limiting Set-Ups

A lot of people make the mistake of getting a location where music needs to be in multiple rooms at the same time. The more rooms, the more set-ups the DJ must bring along with him. This means he needs a longer amount of time to set-up, and therefore his fee is higher. Select a location which needs minimal set-up from the DJ.

Create a Wedding DJ Playlist

Many wedding DJ’s will ask for a list of favorite songs. This ensures that the music the couple desires is actually played at the event. Create that list and find a wedding DJ who is willing to play a mix off the list. Remember that between the cocktail reception, dining, cutting of the cake and dancing, a DJ might only play 30 dance songs throughout the entire night, so the list does not have to be massive.



Get a New DJ for Wedding Reception

One way to keep the cost down, if the couple is willing to instill a large amount of trust, is to hire a new DJ who is building their business. Their prices will be competitive and they’ll probably throw in a few extras such as extra speakers, 30 minutes free or something along those lines to get the business.

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