Performing Stand-Up Comedy

Comedy is an act of making people laugh at things that are like funny jokes, entertaining activities and most commonly mimicry. It is an art that now has become profession; but seriously it is the hardest thing to become a comedian. Being a comedian is not an easy thing, one has to be comedian by birth and it is a hidden talent that lies inside an individual. To realize the talent of comedian is an art because no one knows about this talent. Usually it depends on the interest of people that how much he likes comedy and how he shows up in front of large audience. Performing in front of audience is a big achievement that needs confidence and skill; usually a comedian has got such confidence as it is a built-in quality in comedians. Despite built-in quality, performing in front of audience also requires professionalism and talent.

Stand-up comedy is an art that gets on improving as time passes. With the passage of time a comedian becomes experienced. Further it polishes inner qualities of a comedian that makes him a perfect comedian at one stage of life. Stand-up comedy is a continuous process that takes time when a comedian is standing in front of huge audience. It takes even hours that requires stamina of standing as well as speaking power. Further, the guts and lines that are used in stand-up comedy also plays important role. One thing is clear that style is the quality that how a comedian performs; but written lines or script is very significant in doing comedy. Writing scripts or lines for comedy is also a field that builds comedians. It is the only thing that highlights the comedians and their activities on stage. They do comedy on written lines that is given to them.

If a comedian wants more improvement in his comedy; the best thing is to watch his own videos to bring more improvement for future. No doubt practice makes a man perfect but analyzing oneself is also a great quality that further skills and talent. No one can tell you about yourself, but one can judge his own qualities well and better than others. Analyzing plays very important role in judging the qualities for further improvement in comedy. But giving best ever performance never comes with practice; it comes from heart and stunning talent that always lies inside the comedian.

There are many factors that play significant role in comedy other than written lines and show up skills. Acting is also important that grabs the attention of audience, besides acting the main thing is the timing of lines that are spoken and acted on the stage. Dialogue delivery is the real thing that can grace the comedian skills. Performing stand-up comedy is nothing without dialogue delivery and to make audience laugh at every line is the real achievement by any comedian. Therefore, comedy is now a separate field that has become the industry of entertainment and fun.

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