Australian Fiano Wine

Australia’s next big White wine: Australian Fiano Wine

The first Australian Fiano Wine was released in Australia in 2005, and it originated from McLaren Vale and Clare Valley. The release of this wine was an evolution for white wine lovers. This Italian white wine needs a dry and hot climate and the Australian region is perfect for the thriving for this wine. 

As the production of this wine needs hot weather, it can handle the increasing heat of Australia. One more thing that makes it more environmentally friendly is that the need for water in this wine is low. 

Most of the other wines often lose their acidity when they are exposed in temperature. But in the case of Fiano, it is the opposite. Fiano retains its bitterness in the heat. 

  • Origins of Fiano:

If we talk about the homeland of Fiano, it grows in the hilly area surrounding Avellino in the region of Campania, Italy. If we look for the traces of this wine, we have to go back to ancient Rome. 

Some people say that it is a variety of an ancient Rome wine “ Apianum”. In Latin, it means “bees”. Even in these times, swarms of bees are used to get the sugary pulp of Fiano Grapes in Avellinese vineyards.

  • Regions of Australian Fiano:

As mentioned above, Fiano needs a warmer area to grow perfectly. That’s why McLaren Vale and Clare Valley have great success in producing this wine in Australia. But now it is being grown in the regions of Riverland and Riverina. 

Before that, these regions are famous for the production of cheap and bulk wines. Now they are showing their expertise in the making of Fiano wine. 

  • Classes:

According to the Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show, Australian Fiano Wine is divided into Two Classes. They are given below:

  • Light & Fresh
  • Full-bodied & Textural

It is up to the winemaker to choose the style. Let’s look at an example, during fermentation, if the winemaker uses lees or picks the grapes late in the season, the Fiano will have a more textured style and be richer. 

  • Food pairing with Fiano:

This wine grows in the coastal areas, so it is obvious that it works well with seafood like baked fish, shellfish, etc. The acidity makes it perfect with the vegetarian pasta dishes as well. It riches the cream-based sauces and increases the acidity if used with tomato-based dishes.


Even though Australian Fiano Wine has not a very long history in Australia, but until now, it has become very popular among the people who love white wines in Australia. You are a white wine lover; you must give it a shot.

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