Victorian wineries

Visit the Victorian Wineries

It has over 800 plus Victorian wineries present in twenty-one regions. Almost 650 winemakers offer cellar door wine tasting experience. The entire region of Victoria has a diverse climate and landscape that fully permit the winemakers to grow a broad range of grapes following different conditions. So this region and winemakers are allowed to make a huge range of wine styles.

Victorian wineries

Victoria has a further different number of districts in which the High Court Region is the popular ones, and it is further divided into eight different wine regions. All eight wine regions have their own different but unique style. It has a Rutherglen region which one of the most popular regions for selling excellent red, crisp, light white, and fortified wines.

There is an Alpine valley that should be visited by you because it has small vineyards famous for producing bold Chardonnays. And if you want Italian varieties in wines, then you should visit the Kind Valley. This valley is renowned as it has a local Italian community which is expert in making Italian wines, including Pinot Grigio, Prosecco, and Sangiovese.

When you visit this valley, you will see there are a lot of winemaking families who are in the progress of enhancing and handing over their skills and expertise’s to their next generations. They love to share their skills and vast knowledge of vines first hand at cellar door tastings. And if you want to enjoy some cool climate varieties, you should visit Beechworth wine region and Goulburn area as these are specialized in producing robust Chardonnays, Pinot Noirs, and crisp Rieslings.

Victorian wineries

And there is a wide variety of restaurant Sunraysia in which you can find a broad range of wines of your choice. And in the High Court, there is a region named Strathbogie, which is well-known for producing sparkling wines and delicate table wines. And if you are an enthusiast of buttery Chardonnays, then visiting Goulburn valley will worth considering.

The most famous winery of the High Country is Brown Brothers. They are famous for producing world-class wines. Plus, this region is also famous for gourmet food that goes hand in hand with tasty wine. The regions of High Country also well-known for organizing annual festivals, and these festivals are entirely focused on the pleasure and quality of local wines. So if you want to enjoy wines of different varieties, you should visit Victorian wineries as these are producing the world’s famous wines.

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