Sangiovese red wine

Getting to know the Italian Wines

Generally, people love everything about Italy from the country itself to the people, to the food and the wines. Outstanding Italy’s wines add to its reputation of romance. The passion and the sun are the things that add flavor to these excellent wines. Italy is a world’s top producer and exporter of quality wine such as the popular Sangiovese red wine and other hundreds of types of wines from Italy. Wine in Italy is produced from different regions of the country. Each region has a unique kind of grapes type with a unique taste that impacts the different wine varieties. All these varieties can be categorized into two as follows:

Expensive Wines

Honestly, it’s hard for many people to understand all their varieties of wines in Italy. The country boasts an enormous selection of wine. A huge part of this selection happens to be more exclusive and costly which is justified by their quality. The quality is also based on the type of grapes and the region where they are grown. For instance, the Tuscan province produces Tuscan wines from a variety of grapes that can’t be found anywhere else.

There are more than two thousand kinds of grapes that are grown throughout Italy. That leads to an enormous variety of exclusive wines sold in the market. That explains why it’s sometimes complicated for most people to choose from these different Italian wine varieties.

Table Wines

Italy’s families are huge consumers of wines. Wine consumption in this country is a way of life where families including grandparents, mothers, fathers, and children eat and drink together at long tables. Huge pasta and salad bowls, and huge amounts of wine. Also, the table wines are served with robust meals at many Italian restaurants.

One thing that most people love about these wines is that they are not expensive which makes them perfect for casual gatherings with family and friends. For example, Chanti is one of these wine varieties that is cheap and popular with many people. The majority of these wines are fruity and significantly sweet with colors ranging from light to sparkle.


As mentioned, there are nearly countless varieties of wines in Italy and describing all them could take a whole day. For now, there’s no better way of starting to understand these varieties than classifying them into the above two categories. Among the most popular varieties is the Sangiovese red wine which falls under the exclusive and expensive category. What’s more, there are sweet yet cheap table wine varieties to try. Nothing should limit you from enjoying the great taste of Italian wine!

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