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Interesting Fire Acts You Need to Learn About

Fire dancing is a common form of entertainment that requires extra caution. How many fire acts do you know? We will discuss a few fire dancing stunts and the skills required to become a good fire dancer.

Top Fire Acts It You Should Watch for Fun

Here are the most common fire-twirling acts you may deem fascinating.

1. Fire Juggling

It is a fire act that involves juggling torches with fireballs on the edges. This manipulation involves tossing the two fire sticks in the air simultaneously and grabbing them at once.

Further, the juggler must balance the stick placed atop the head. The juggler must be skilled enough lest they accidentally set themselves on fire.

2. Fire eating

As the name suggests, this fire act involves dipping a flaming stick into the mouth to put out the fire if you don’t want to take any risk you can enjoy wedding fireworks as well. The performer relies on the saliva in the mouth to safely extinguish the flame. Additionally, the street performer temporarily shut their mouth to cut out oxygen.

As a result, the flame goes out after a few seconds. Bret Pasek holds a Guinness World’s Record for extinguishing the highest number of torches in 60 seconds.

3. Fire Breathing

This spectacular fire act involves creating a relatively huge fire flame from the mouth. Fire breathers direct a fair measure of fuel into their mouth before they let it out by force. Consequently, they create a catchy cloud of fire in the air.

fire acts

4. Fire Bell Dancing

This ancient fire twirling act involves dancing while holding a pair of fire props. Interestingly, medics recommend this fire act to obese people to burn fat. This act burns excessive belly fat as it involves exercising the belly muscles.

How to Become a Better Fire Dancer

1. Rehearse

Professional fire dancers spend some time rehearsing before the actual performance date. It is good to do so in front of a mock audience to read their facial experience and adjust accordingly.

2. Research

Nowadays, you can learn new fire acts on platforms such as YouTube. Further, fire dancers can explore such websites to learn some safety strategies to prevent a fire outbreak.

3. Buy a real fire poi

Another tip is practicing using a real fire poi before the performance day. Regular practices will help you overcome the fear of accidentally burning yourself as you perform.

Last Words

It is interesting to watch street performers do different fire acts. However, you must note that some of these performances can be dangerous. Therefore, I advise you to avoid doing them unless you have the relevant skills.

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