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What Is The Best Room Set-Up for an Amazing Corporate Event Styling?

Looking For corporate event styling? you should plan how to set up the room when you plan your next live event. Consider carefully what you want to accomplish and how you can get there. Room set-up shouldn’t be arbitrary.

To set up your meeting rooms optimally in a corporate event styling, consider how your attendees will perceive your event and how they will interact with it. You can achieve different goals with different types of room setups.


In musical theatre-style seating arrangements, there are no tables, just rows of chairs. This is the best set-up when you want to have many people in the same room.

If you plan to address your audience like an audience, a theatre-style setting is appropriate. Theatre-style locations are ideal for lectures and presentations.


As with a theatre-style set-up, a classroom set-up differs in that your attendees sit at tables in rows.

If you want your attendees to focus on you, a classroom-style set-up works well when writing or reviewing materials!

With this arrangement, they have tabletop space to work, but their focus is on the speaker’s front of the room. Classroom-style set-ups can’t fit as many people, but they’re ideal in workshops or courses for business.

corporate event styling

U-Shape Set-up

You can utilize the U-shape set-up in place of a classroom-style set-up. When arranging tables according to the U-shape, they face the centre of the room rather than the front.

The tables are arranged in the shape of a U, and the speaker is seated in the centre. Speakers and attendees can easily interact with one another in this setting, allowing speakers to interact with each other one-on-one.

In addition to being suitable for interactive workshops, this model is also well-suited for a business course.


The cabaret-style layout has round tables or clusters of tables that attendees sit at. In a cabaret-style set up, everyone at the table will be the focus. As part of this set-up, the speaker will occasionally address the attendees, but the interaction between the attendees is usually the primary focus.

These interactions are facilitated more by the speaker. This is an excellent set-up if you want your attendees to interact with one another during brainstorming or group work.


For each type of event, there is an optimal set-up. It would help if you considered your event goals to choose an appropriate set-up. How important is interactivity to your event? Will you present at the event?

You achieve the atmosphere you want at your event by matching the correct room set-up with the suitable event! Get in touch with biggest event management companies in Australia right now! To learn more about this topic visit our website.

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